Introduction in English

  Sep 22, 2018   By: Shivam Dhuria


The enemies of the Pandavas are the Kauravas who are the sons of Pandu's brother, Dhritarashtra. Dhritarashtra cannot manage to restrain his son Duryodhana who bitterly resents the achievements of his cousins (the Pandavas). Duryodhana arranges for his maternal uncle to challenge Yudhishthira to a game of dice. Yudhishthira gambles everything away, even himself in the game. The Pandavas have to go into exile but when they return, they engage the Kauravas in battle. Krishna fights on the side of the Pandavas and serves as Arjuna's charioteer. The famous "Song of the Lord" or Bhagavad - Gita is actually a book within the Mahabharata. On the battlefield of Krukshetra, Arjuna is so depressed seeing his own relatives standing against him for fight. At that time, God (Lord Krishna) himself explained Arjun the secret of life and inspire him to fight against the evil. Sanjaya, son of charioteer Gavalgana, is Dhritarashtra's adviser and also his charioteer. Sanjaya was given divine vision by Veda Vyasa and that is how he knew what was going on in the war , even though he was always at Hastinapur with Dhritarashtra.

Gita is a practical philosophy of living an ideal social life. No one in this world can fully describe the glory of Gita. However by reading this book, you will understand that God was never far away from you, he is just waiting for you to get to know about the truth of life. In this book , a brief description of Lord Krishna’s golden words or Bhagavad - Gita is given, divided into eighteen chapters. The golden words of Lord Krishna are explained in very simple language, though their meaning is so deep and thoughtful. It is believed that through continuous reading and practising these chapters, one can understand the golden words of Lord Krishna.